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Andrology Surgery in Kurnool

Andrology in Kurnool

Andrology is a look at male diseases and male health, mainly referring to male reproductive issues and urological issues which are precise to men. Andrology addresses problems of infertility in men, erectile dysfunction, impotence, and andropause, also realize as male menopause and male birth control.

Even though not as widely known, andrology is the male direct equivalent model of gynecology, which deals with medical issues of the female reproductive system.

Andrology is a medical specialist that deals with mainly the male reproductive system and urological troubles discovered simplest in men. Our Specialists in andrology deal with all male health-related problems, especially problems in the genitourinary system or reproductive system.

However, any medical issues which are similar to men and experienced uniquely in the male body can be dealt with by a specialist in urology and some of the conditions that andrology can treat as:

  • Male infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Male Hormone Deficiency
  • Prostate Disease
Andrology Surgery and Treatment in Kurnool

Why Choose Us

So if are willing to go with this andrology treatment then consult us: sushrutha test tube baby center or hospital Kurnool is a highly develop hospital and it has highly experienced doctors and also anthologists.

Dr. C. Siva Shankar Reddy is a specialist doctor of andrology who has many years of experience in andrology and he can easily identify your problem very and give a complete solution to your problem. The service is available 24/7 and the doctor gives the best precautions in order to control the disease.

Hence our Sushrutha test tube baby centre provides you best treatment, after the treatment you can only see the results which give 100% and it is very effective.

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