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Egg Donor

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Egg Donor

Egg Donor

Egg donation is a process wherein a fertile woman donates an egg, or oocyte, to another woman to help her conceive. It's far a part of assisted reproductive technology or art. The method generally involves a doctor removing off an egg or eggs from the donor and fertilizing them in a laboratory.

After which shifting the resulting embryos into the recipient’s uterus. Doctors do that the usage of an implantation method, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Egg donation generally benefits women who cannot use their own eggs for becoming pregnant and for various reasons, including ovarian failure, avoiding congenital anomalies in the fetus, or advanced age. Sometimes doctors may freeze all the embryos for lateral use implantation of indifferent females.

The persons are also suitable for egg donor treatment if they are not getting pregnant even if they use their own eggs, then that time our doctor may suggest egg donor treatment for you.

Before than starting the technique, most donors will need to take medication that prevents their regular menstrual cycle.

Why Choose Us

In our Sushruta test tube center, the Specialists at the fertility facility will conduct an extensive choice method to discover an appropriate donor and could also carefully run through the legal procedures.

Sushrutha test tube baby center is one of the leading centers in Kurnool where qualified doctors or highly expert doctors are available and they give their best to satisfy their patients and also full fill their desires. Our doctors first check the condition of the patient to come to know the exact problem of the patent then precede the treatment.

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