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Neurogenic Bladder Treatment

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Neurogenic Bladder Treatment in Kurnool

Neurogenic Bladder Treatment in Kurnool

Neurogenic bladder also called Neurogenic lower urinary tract Dysfunction is when a person lacks bladder manipulation because of the brain, spinal cord or nerve problems. Several muscle tissues and nerves are work collectively in your bladder to hold urine until you're prepared to empty.

Nerve messages cross from side to side between the brain and the muscle groups that control when the bladder empties. If those nerves are harmed with the aid of infection or injury, the muscles won't be capable of tightening or relaxing at the right time. The people who have a neurogenic bladder, then that people's nerves and muscle mass no longer work together properly due lack of proper functioning the bladder may not fill or empty in the right manner.

The bladder mainly refers to a hollow organ located in your pelvis or lower abdomen area of the body. The main function of your bladder is to store urine (pee) and the other function is to remove urine from your body from the response to signals of your brain or spinal cord but if have a problem with a neurogenic bladder then this function can’t take place properly.

The symptoms of the neurogenic bladder have differed from person to person depending upon their nerve damage May causes the problems and some of the symptoms of the neurogenic bladder are leaking urine, urine track infection, passing urine, urine dribble and so on. If a person finds these symptoms then he or she needs to consult the doctor for better treatment.

Neurogenic Bladder Treatment in Kurnool

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The neurogenic bladder may cause spinal cord birth defects, multiple sclerosis, trauma to the spinal cord or to the brain and injury to the spinal cord. So if are suffering from this problem then don’t worry we at sushrutha test tube baby center or hospital are offering you the best modern treatments with qualified and highly expert doctors. Dr. C. Siva Shankar reddy is a specialist doctor who has many years of experience and he has done many surgeries successfully. He will first study the patient’s condition to come to know an idea then he will state treatment and he will give the best treatment for your problem. Our team is works 24/7 to provide you best-advanced treatments at affordable prices.

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