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Ureteroscopy lithotripsy (URSL) Treatment

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Ureteroscopy lithotripsy (URSL) In Kurnool

Ureteroscopy lithotripsy (URSL) In Kurnool

Urinary lithiasis, where stones called calculi shape in the urinary system, is a very common problem for more than 12% of the population. This is an increasing number of regular in many populations. The definition of an impacted ureteral stone is one that remains in the equal region at least for 2 months and affects ureteral obstruction and such stones may reason for pain and lead to hydronephrosis or urinary tract infections, which might also result in loss of renal functions. Generally the diameter of the impact ureteral stone is bigger than the ureter caliber.

Kidney stones are hard materials made up of salts and minerals. As the name shows, they form within the kidneys but can develop some other places in the urinary tract like within the bladder, ureters, or the urethra.

In this process of ureteroscopy, your medical doctor inserts a thin, flexible scope into your bladder and ureter (the tube that contains urine out of your kidneys to your bladder). This way they could look for kidney stones or different symptoms of the problem and this treatment is done with local anesthesia.

Ureteroscopy lithotripsy (URSL)

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In our clinic, at the time of surgery if the stone is small then it is removed or grabbed with the basket device and if the stone is too big then the doctors use the laser to break the stone and removed it completely.

So if you are suffering from kidney stone problems then don’t worry we at sushrutha test tube baby centre are available 24/7 to provide you best services, then consult us and take relief from stone problems or pain. We are providing the best modern methods to achieve 100% results in any surgery or treatment and our expert doctors also give their best to full fill the patient’s wants with their advanced treatments.

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